Technical Data

Working Principle of the product

SAFETY- Non Return Valve Technology (NRV)

In case of BACKFIRE from the burner due to Burner Chocking / Carbon Deposition due to poor jet and burner maintenance or Oil & Milk spilling / Faulty, Aged or Leaky hose pipe. In such an eventuality the dynamic balance falls down & cuts off the fire traveling with in the gas line towards the cylinder and avoids the blast. Thus Ensures the cylinder safely.

SAVING – Dynamic Balance Principle

RAKSHAK GAS GUARD has a Preliminary Gas Tank in which calculated amount of gas is stored. The NRV has a DYNAMIC BALANCE GATE it releases only the calibrated amount of gas to the burners jet depending on the pressure set at the burners end.

The SPINNING DYNAMIC BALANCE GATE Pressurizes the gas flow, thus less gas flows with a pressure ensuring efficient thermal efficiency is achieved without affecting the Cooking Time and Cooking Quantity.

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