Introduction to Relon

RELON LIMITED is a Bangalore based limited company engaged in multi-tasking like manufacturing and trading activities with qualified professional group of directors bringing in the experience of various fields from technology, art and marketing to make it a company of great repute and good will. Relon trading  limited under the umbrella ”Relon” owns 3 major brands in the name of Rakshak Gas Guard “Air Sports”, Relon cartridge.

Rakshak Gas Guard

Rakshak Gas Guard as the name suggests is an unique device of its kind that saves 29% of LPG and protects the common fire accidents during the LPG usage. Relon is the in-house company of Rakshak Gas Guard.

About Air Sports

Air Sports offers educational programs on Aero modelling, and Air Sports is also a manufacturing company of Aero Models.

Air Sports Activity

We impart Unique  technical and educational challenges that enable the aspirants to learn flight science and technology by getting them hands on experience on learning skills of designing, building and flying the model planes using real flight science.

Relon Cartridge

Relon Cartridge is a Continuous Toner Supply Cartridge. It is a unique, patented, Economical and Eco-friendly Toner cartridge which prints more than 12,000 copies. This cartridge is easy to refill and easy to recycle and provides consistent quality in printing.


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