B.G. RAGHAVENDRA RAO, RTD. LT. Col. & Petroleum Engineer

Educational Qualification: B.E. (Mechanical Engineer) from Defense School of Engineering, Dehradon

raghavendra-raoWork Profile:

Served Indian Army, (MEG) and retired as Lt. Col.

After retiring from Army services, served Armco, an American Oil Company (Texas Head Quarters, U.S.A.) as a Site Engineer (onshore & offshore drilling) for10 years

After Armco served British Petroleum (UK) for 10 years. While working for Foriegn Oil and Gas Companies served the whole Middle east, South East and Far East.

Returned to home country, India and joined L&T and served 8 years as Field superintendent in Construction, Oil and Gas field.

Has an over all 28 years of experience in Oil and Gas field

Research Profile:

While working in oil & gas field he witnessed several deadly accidents happened due to safety system failure.This incident made him to think about inventing a device which protects the LPG users from deadly accidents.

He joined Indian institute of Science where he started research work on a gas safety & saving device, which prevents accidents and saves gas.

His twelve years effort finally came out in the form of Rakshak Gas guard which not only prevents gas accidents but also saves 29% of Gas.